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Shipping Types
Here are the 4 shipping options available to US, Canadian and Overseas residents. Please take note that we do not ship on the weekend. As well, please allow approximately 48 hours for processing. Orders will usually be shipped the next business day.

Priority Shipping: You will receive your purchase 3 to 5 business days from the time we process your order.

Overnight Shipping:
Please allow approx. 48 hours to process your order before it ships overnight. In most cases, your order will not take that long to process, in which case you'll receive your order the next day. We strive to ship out all overnight deliveries the same business day, but cannot guarantee that you will receive it the next day.

Overseas Shipping: For all orders outside of North America: you will receive your purchase within 3-10 business days from the time we process your order

Please note that we cannot send anything Overnight Overseas


Shipping Rates
Shipping rates for our products vary. Most of our Game Accessories are small, and thus do not cost that much to ship. The average shipping cost for our smaller items is less tha $5. For our MP3 Players, shipping is usually around $10. These prices increase the more you purchase. For exact shipping costs for the item(s) you're most interested in, it is good idea to put it in your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout. You do not have to submit the order, this is just an easy way to get the shipping amount.


Shipping Table
Please refer to the table below to see which courriers we use, and for what Country. This table also shows approximate shipping durations.


Canada Post
Priority, Overnight
USA (MP3 Players)
2-6 Business Days
USA (Digital Cameras, Video & PC Accessories)
2-6 Business Days
USA Overnight
Next Day
Canadian Orders
2-6 Business Days
Canadian Overnight
Next Day
3-10 Business Days
Overseas Overnight
Not Available


Non Canadian / United States Residents
For residents outside of the US and Canada, we offer Overseas shipping. Please make sure to select this shipping method if you live outside North America. Deliver times may vary depending on your Country, but usually takes between 3-10 business days from the time we process your order. If you live outside North America and select either Regular or Priority shipping, we reserve the right to manually change this option to Overseas and will charge you accordingly. Read More


Overnight Shipping Policies
Overnight shipping policies: we cannot guarantee overnight deliveries and shipping fees will not be refunded (in some cases you might get a refund from the courrier company). If you order an item and choose Overnight shipping and for any reason it has to be sent again, we will send it Priority. As well, please be aware that if you place your order on a Friday, your order will not be sent till the following Monday, and you will receive your overnight delivery on the Tuesday of that week. All orders that are sent on Friday will only be received on the following Monday. Please refer to the above table to see if we offer Overnight shipping to your destination Country.


Overseas Shipping Policies
Overseas deliveries usually take about a week to be received, depending on the location of the customer. All Overseas shipments are sent via FedEx. Please note that we do not provide overnight overseas shipments. Easybuy2000.com will not be held responsible for any Duties or International Customs fees that overseas customer's may be charged. These fees are the sole responsibility of the customer.


Priority Shipping Policies
Priority shipping takes approximately 3 to 5 business days from the time your item is shipped. If for some reason the bought item has to be replaced, we will use Priority shipping to send the new item. However, the customer is responsible for all return shipping charges.


Wrong Address Problems
If the address you gave us has any mistakes causing the delivery company to be unable to deliver the package, we will send your purchase again but shipping will then be charged again.


Procedures For All Online Orders
Please read these terms and policies before you place your order online

No order will be accepted unless complete information is provided including:

Full Name
Full Address
Valid Email Address
Phone Number (including the area code)

Rejected Countries
We will no longer accept orders originating from the following Countries:



Order Cancellations
You can only cancel an order if you placed your order after 9am. All orders that are placed before 9am are shipped that same day. If you place your order at night, and we receive it the next business day before 9am, and you contact us to cancel it after 9am, we cannot cancel it.

To cancel your order, you will need to send an email to cancel@easybuy2000.com with your order number and full name in the message body.

4% Cancellation Fee
Please note that if you placed your order and we charged your CC and you decide to cancel your order, we will be charging a 4% Cancellation Fee. Your Credit Card will be refunded, minus 4% of the total amount charged. This is to cover the fee that is charged to us when we process your order with Visa or Mastercard.


Checking Identification
If you place your order from an Overseas County, or if your billing and shipping addresses are different, Easybuy2000.com reserves the right to request personal identification from the customer in order to verify the authenticity of the order. If we feel that something is suspicious, we may or may not ask the customer to send their identification either in the form of a scanned image or by FAX. We also reserve the right to deny orders that may seem to be fraudulent. Personal Identification includes Passport, Driver's Liscence, Scanned Image or Fax of Credit Card, and/or Photo Identification. Specifics will be detailed in an email which will be sent to the customer.


Wrong Shipping Options
If you select the wrong shipping option, we will automatically change it to the correct one. Only Canadian and Unites States residents can select Priority or Overnight shipping (depending on what you order). If you are not located in Canada or the United States, you must select the Overseas option. If you live outside North America and select one of the first two options, we will automatically change it to Overseas and will charge you the correct amount for shipping.

There is no Overnight Overseas shipping currently available.


Shipping For Specific Products

MP3 Players
All our MP3 CD Players come with an American Standard AC Adapter. Our Overseas customers WILL NOT receive this, and as such, will receive a $5 USD rebait off their purchase price. This does not include Latin America.


Newsletter Database
Easybuy2000.com may include your email address in our Newsletter Database to periodically notify you of special prices and discounts, as well as new product information. You may unsubscribe yourself at any time within the Newsletter.

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