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Want to Become an Affiliate of Easybuy2000?
All you need is to have a website. Simply grab a Easybuy2000 banner related to the products you wish to work with and put it on your website as a link to Easybuy2000.ca. You'll receive commission from any sale generated by your website. The first step is to signup!
Sign Up Now!

What's in it For You?

12% upon sign-up and up to 15% commission on all products, depending on volume
10% commission on re-orders

3% on 2nd Tier Affiliate Sales
Great selection of custom designed banners, templates, graphics etc.
Special banner design upon request

Easybuy2000 has a very high conversion rate due to the fact that we have a secure website designed for Internet shopping. With our unique products and aggressive pricing, we offer a good opportunity for you to make easy money.

Double Incentive
All Easybuy2000 customers benefit from a 10% commissions on re-orders. This means more money for you, and greater incentive for your Affiliates to promote your products!
Payment Methods
Payment will be done weekly in the form of Checks, Wire Transfer, or Money Orders. Payments are issued to accounts that earn $20 US and more per month. All payments are made out in US dollars.

Advantages of our Program:

Custom designed banners, templates, flash and more!
24/7 Support

User-friendly Affiliate Software supplied by ClickInc.com
Real time sales and commission statistics
New marketing tips to ensure maximum performance of your ads
Easy as 1-2-3 to install, takes no more than 10 seconds to activate and is 100% free!
Follow the step-by-step sign up procedure and start making big bucks!

Sign Up Now!

Want to Contact Us?
Contact the Affiliate Program Manager
Email: andre@clickinc.com


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